2bhk House Design Complete guide with Attractive Designs

2bhk House Design Complete guide with Attractive Designs

2Bhk House Design

This is a complete guide for 1bhk or 2bhk house design, home or flat design and cost for design execution  

In this guide we will learn how much a 2bhk house design cost that include: 

  • Interior consultation cost  

  • Supervision cost 

  • Execution cost  

Let get started  

What will be the Interior Design cost for small 2Bhk house design, home or flat or 1bhk? We get this question asked a lot. And honestly, it’s a valid question to ask. 

You should very well know how much budget you prepare to make your 2bhk house, home or flat or 1bhk beautiful. 

This post help you decide the budget in advance and you can make your mind how much you want to spent on interior design of your house, home or flat  

The budget of interior design depends on a lot of factors, such as the design of the furniture, quality of materials, quality of wall paint and quality of polish, fabric used in sofa quality of curtain and how much light fixtures used in the house, home or flat  

So, this is not an easy task to decide budget for 2bhk or 1bhk interior without having specifications and requirement in hand  

However, there are curtain way you can prepare budget for 2bhk or 1bhk house, home or flat interior cost  

We’ve completed 2bhk house, home or flat interior so we can give idea how much 2bhk interior cost. We have pretty good experience in designing and executing a 2bhk house design

2bhk house design
Two bedroom apartment floor plans
2bhk home design

2bhk house design

How Designer Charges for 2bhk house design? 

 There are different ways a designer can compute the cost of interior design for 2bhk house design, home or flat this include

  • Per Sqft 

  • Percentage of Overall Cost

  • Lum Sum Amount

  • Premium on product 


Per sqft: The area of the house computed as per layout shared by you, the designer charges between ₹10 per sqft to ₹100 per sqft based on designer experience if you are looking for designer alone 

Percentage of Overall cost: Designer may charge between 5% to 20% on product based on designer experience or dealing of customer 

Lum Sum Amount: The amount of project is calculated first then bargain done with interior designer to charge lump sum amount for the project  

Premium on product: The designer may give you design on the condition that you will give implementation work too when designer main purchase the product on discount and give you budget based on MRP that how designer charges premium on product. 

After deciding the fee charges interior designer will give you 3d interior design picture for your house, home or flat then the work of implementation start  

Implementation is a long process that involves multiple visits and iterations for that interior designer may charge your site visit charges while 2-3 visit might be included in the fee charges depend on your dealing, anything over and above it can cost you an average of ₹2,000 per visit. 

3D Design Only: if you want 3d design only the designer can charge around ₹25,000-50,000 for 3d view of your 2bhk house, home or flat it depends on design complexity  

Site supervision cost: If you want interior designer to be present at the site to supervise the carpenters, then they will charge you between ₹20 per sqtf to ₹100 per sqtf charges may depends upon area of the house, home or flat

drawing room
tv wall
dining room

How to calculate execution cost of 2bhk house design? 

 The execution cost of 2bhk interior depends on a lot of factors, such as the design of the furniture, quality if material, quality of wall paint wood paint and fabric used in sofa and curtain selection of lighting fixtures and many other things. 

Calculation of execution cost is not easy task without having specifications and requirement on hand 

But there is certain way you can make 2bhk house design, home or flat interior execution cost  

We have a huge experience in deciding lump sum budget for lower to moderate to high-end 2bhk house, home or flat execution cost  

We will share with you the example how Mr. Amit prepare a budget for his 2bhk house, home or flat interior design execution work  

Mr. Amit visited to our website contact us share his requirement as well as 2bhk house design layout, then we created 3d presentation for his house based on his requirement and choice of style 

After few discuss with Mr. Amit the design was finalized 

Now it’s time to give execute cost of 3d design finalized by Mr. Amit 

We created a detailed budget for Mr. Amit including material specification. The budget that we made came around 10 Lakhs. 

wooden bedroom

Here is the breakdown of the material we included in budget  

  • Wardrobe Work: 1800 Sqft
  • Kitchen: 3000 sqft
  • Light fixture: 2000 per piece 
  • Sofa: 2200 per seat
  • False ceiling: 100 sqft 

So how to calculate the lump sum budget for a bedroom  

A single bedroom has a bed, tv panel, wardrobe, false ceiling, lighting fixtures, or if you have big bedroom then sofa  

King size bed will cost you from 45000 ₹ to 80000 ₹ it depends on design of bed back  

Tv panel 6/Sqft by 5/Sqft mean 30/Sqft*800 ₹ cost you around 24000 ₹  

Wardrobe 4/Sqft by 10/Sqft means 40/Sqft *1800 cost you around 72000 ₹ 

False ceiling for normal bedroom cost us around 15000 ₹ to 25000 ₹ depends on designs 

Light fixture may cost you around between 15000 ₹ to 30000 ₹ depends upon lights selection and brand 

A normal bedroom on higher side will cost you around 230000₹ lump sum and on lower side it will cost you around 150000 ₹ 

Cost of the kitchen is calculated according to area like if you have a kitchen area 100 /Sqft * 3000/Sqft then it will cost you around 300000 ₹ depends on selection of kitchen Equipements accessories and brand  

If you want custom sofa for your drawing room then it will cost you per seating price like you have 10-seater sofa then it will cost you around 22000 ₹ (10 * 2200 per seat) 

  • Two bedrooms = 460000 ₹ 
  • Kitchen = 300000 ₹ 
  • Drawing room = 140000 ₹ 
  • Accessories and Light fixtures = 100000₹ 

Interior Design Cost for 2bhk house design

Based on our previous project experience we can share with you the cost of 2bhk house, home or flat with low medium and high-end interior design   

Please note that these are assumption based on our experience the final may very base on design and material specification  

  • Interior design cost on low end = 1000 ₹ /SqFt. for the carpet area of your home. 
  • Interior design cost on medium end = 1200 /SqFt to 1600 /SqFt for the carpet area of your home. 
  • Interior design cost on high end = 2000 /SqFt to 3000 /SqFt for the carpet area of your home. 

Note: Above cost does not include flooring bathroom accessories electronic like AC TV etc. and equipment  

Please contact us interior design requirement and comment below any question you have

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