Latest 13 example for False Ceiling Design Bedroom

Latest 13 example for False Ceiling Design Bedroom

You are doing big mistake by searching for the false ceiling design online

Searching for False ceiling design bedroom on Pinterest google or on web ?

Do you know that all room have different area or dimensions 

The false ceiling design you are seeing online doesn’t fit to your bedroom 

You are at right place here you will find modern and latest false ceiling design for bedroom  

Or you want us to design your bedroom at a nominal price 

 What is false ceiling? I know you all know that what is false ceiling but for those who don’t know  

A False ceiling is a secondary ceiling that is suspended below the main ceiling of the room. False ceiling inside the residence is mainly done with POP or Gypsum board material. 

False Ceiling reduces the height of the room & thus gives more efficient Air conditioning, it allows us to install indirect lights in form of LEDs. Additional layer works as an insulation layer for homes that are directly facing sunlight. 

  • Cost calculated with unit “per square feet” 
  • POP – Plaster of Paris & Gypsum board are two main material option 
  • Cost goes up as design becomes more complex 

false ceiling design bedroom

If you thinking why you should do false ceiling in your bedroom? Then there is some important reason why you should do false ceiling in your bedroom  

  • False ceiling make your bedroom more beautiful  
  • It helps you to hide pipe and wiring on the ceiling  
  • Maybe the height of your room is more than what you would prefer then you need down false ceiling  
  • False ceiling helps you to make you room quieter and reduce noise 
  • It helps you make your room cooler  

So, whatever the reason may be for you to make false ceiling for bedroom we can help you to make it more beautiful  

After searching for various designs online we create 11 modern and latest false ceiling design bedroom

false ceiling design for bedroom indian

The perfect ceiling design varies for each room and each home and depending on the available space. 

The surrounding walls and the overall theme of the house, there are infinite patterns and colors to choose from.  

From tray ceiling to beam ceiling, cove ceiling to the highly popular drop ceiling, these beautiful ceiling inspirations and ceiling ideas give a room that exclusive and exceptional feel you’re after. 

false ceiling design in bedroom

Simple false ceiling design for bedroom

If you want simple false ceiling design bedroom then take a look at above image may help you to achieve your design objective  

Simple false ceiling cover minimum area on ceiling thus it is cost effective and will be done on budget 

false ceiling design in bedroom

bedroom modern bedroom false ceiling design

false ceiling design for small rooms

Modern false ceiling design for bedroom  

If you are planning for modern interior design for your room then this ceiling design will suitable for your bedroom  

In this ceiling design basically light and cove light play an important look to give the ceiling a modern look 

Modern ceiling design is bit expensive than simple false ceiling design bedroom and trending in the market 

false ceiling design for bedroom

pop false ceiling design bedroom

False ceiling design for small bedroom  

Simple false ceiling design bedroom will be preferred for small bedroom with bright light and cove to be used 

modern false ceiling design for bedroom

best false ceiling design for bedroom

false ceiling design in bedroom

Custom false ceiling design  

A custom-designed ceiling can offer a unique and brilliant appeal. One of the reasons is the simple fact that it can alter the visual impression a particular room makes in a grand fashion. 

false ceiling design master bedroom

Think to be noted before starting false ceiling  

High of false ceiling for bedroom  

Ceilings are different in different homes. While some are high, others are low. 

This may even vary from one room to the other.  

Low ceilings cannot be affixed with false ceilings, instead can be painted with or lent some textural elements. 

High ceilings with wooden ceiling design for living rooms offer more scope to experiment and work around with. 

Color of False ceiling for bedroom  

Color of false ceiling should be carefully selected for big room 

You can add some dark elements but in small bedroom 90 % of bedroom color painted white because of this small bedroom look brighter and beautiful, big as white color reflet lights  

We hope this article helped you discover the latest false ceiling design for bedroom. You may also want to see our false ceiling for hall design for your home interior design.  

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